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  Overview of Auctions / Allocations
Starting from December 1st 2010 SEPS put into operation Transmission Services module of Damas Energy system, which is used for scheduling of cross-border transmissions and for allocation of cross-border capacities.

Via Damas Energy system Transmission Services module:

Starting from January 1st 2011 available transmission capacity on SEPS/PSE and SEPS/MAVIR profiles are allocated within yearly/monthly/daily coordinated auctions of transmission capacity in the CEE region. The function of Auction Office for coordinated auctions is provided by CAO Central Allocation Office GmbH on behalf of all participating parties.
For Overview of allocated capacity and auction results see.

Starting from September 12th 2012 daily available transmission capacity on SEPS/MAVIR profile is allocated implicitly within the day-ahead trilateral CZ-SK-HU Market coupling. Along with start of trilateral Market coupling daily explicit auctions on SEPS/MAVIR profile performed by CAO were terminated.