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ENTSO-E Opens a Public Consultation for the Network Code on HVDC Connections

Brussels, 2013-11-07

ENTSO-E has launched a public consultation on the draft Network Code on Connection Rules on HVDC Links and DC-Connected Power Park Modules (NC HVDC).

The consultation is open for 2 months from 7 November 2013 until 7 January 2014. A public stakeholder workshop on the code is also scheduled for 4 December in Brussels.
The NC HVDC will specify requirements for long distance DC connections, links between different synchronous areas and DC-connected Power Park Modules, such as offshore wind farms, which are becoming increasingly prominent in the European electricity system.

Based on the consultation feedback received, and with further input from the HVDC User Group, the NC HVDC will be finalised and subsequently submitted to ACER and published by end-April 2014.

The NC HVDC is the ninth of the package of network codes being developed by ENTSO-E, and the third electricity connection code, as per ACERís framework guidelines. On 29 April 2013, the EC formally mandated ENTSO-E to develop and deliver a Network Code on HVDC Connections (NC HVDC) for submission to ACER by 1 May 2014. ENTSO-Eís experts have engaged in thorough discussions with key stakeholders already during the scoping phase.

A first consultation on this scope was conducted in May 2013. These interactions have brought significant improvements to the draft code which is now in public consultation. Further interactions with the HVDC User Group are planned after the public consultation before the network code is finalised.

Participate in the Consultation
All interested stakeholders should submit their comments on the draft code via the ENTSO-E web consultation interface before 7 January 2013. Comments not submitted via this channel will not be considered as formal comments in this consultation. Further information on the procedure to submit comments can be found here. Download the draft code and supporting documents through the links below.

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