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Press release

ENTSO-E launches public consultation on the Network Code for Requirements for Grid Connection applicable to all Generators

Brussels, 2012-01-24

ENTSO-E launches the public consultation on the Network Code for Requirements for Grid Connection applicable to all Generators today, 24 January 2012 for a period of eight weeks until 20 March 2012. During this consultation ENTSO-E will hold a public workshop on 15 February 2012 in Brussels to both inform on and receive feedback on the draft network code.

All comments to this public consultation must be submitted via the ENTSO-E web consultation interface. Comments not submitted via this channel will not be considered as formal comments in this consultation. Further information on the procedure to submit comments can be accessed here.

All comments will be published when the public consultation has ended. The comments will be reviewed and taken into consideration to improve the draft network code where appropriate.
ENTSO-E’s assessment of all comments, as well as the final code submitted to ACER, will be published by the end of June 2012.

The ‘Network Code for Requirements for Grid Connection applicable to all Generators’ is one of the network codes under development by ENTSO-E, mandated by the EC in line with Regulation (EC) 714/2009.

Public workshop on 15 February 2012

ENTSO-E will hold a corresponding public workshop as part of the formal consultation. The aim of the workshop is to provide an overview of the steps taken in the development process of this code, as well as to outline the motivation behind the technical approach taken in developing this code. This workshop will also provide stakeholders with the opportunity to provide feedback on the development process and the status of the draft network code. The final agenda is available.

The workshop will be held on

15 February 2012, from 9h30 to 16h00 CET, in
Radisson Blu Hotel & Resorts
Rue Fossé aux Loups 47
1000 Brussels

To participate in this workshop, please register no later than 1 February via email
to Ms Thanh-Thanh Le Thi (tle(at)entsoe.eu), by indicating your full name, contact details and the organization you represent.

Further Guidance

A set of Frequently Asked Questions ‘FAQs’ providing an in-depth technical justification on the main aspects of this draft network code and an explanatory note ‘Motivation and Approach’ providing a high-level, non-technical argumentation for the main choices made in the development of this network code, are also available in order to provide further background information.

ENTSO-E previously published a working draft document of this code on 2 November 2011. Based on this draft ENTSO-E initiated several formal bilateral stakeholder meetings and hosted two regional workshops to communicate on the status and content of this code. Member TSOs also actively engaged with stakeholders in national user groups or workshops. The draft network code has been revised based on the outcome of these discussions.

For further questions on the process of this public consultation, please refer to Edwin Haesen (edwin.haesen(at)entsoe.eu)

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