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Press News
> Preparations for the interconnection of electricity spot markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are underway ČEPS, a.s. (the Czech Transmission System Operator), SEPS, a.s. (the Slovak Transmission System Operator) and OTE (the Czech Electricity Market Operator) are preparing changes to conditions and rules for day-ahead electr...
(15. 1. 2009)

> Transmission System Operators (TSOs) for electricity have
founded a new association to strengthen their co-operation
in the European electricity market.
Brussels, 19th December, 2008 –The Chief Executive Officers of 42 European TSO companies from 34 countries, met today in Brussels to create a new association, the European Network of Transmission System...
(22. 12. 2008)

> Transmission System Operators (TSOs) for electricity are founding a new association to strengthen their co-operation in the European electricity market Prague, 27th June, 2008 – The Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of 36 European TSO companies from 31 countries...
(25. 7. 2008)

> New common capacity allocation office in Central-Eastern Europe founded by eight Transmission System Operators to foster development of regional electricity market Foundation Charter of the Common allocation office for Central East Europe (CAO) signed on 17 July by 8 TSOs...
(21. 7. 2008)

> Imminent reconnection of the south east of Europe to the main UCTE system The resynchronisation of the two UCTE zones that were split in 1991 as a result of the war events in former Yugoslavia ...
(8. 10. 2004)

> UCTE: Interim Report of the Investigation Committee on the 28 September 2003 blackout in Italy Brussels - Grid operators of the five countries involved in the blackout (Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland)...
(7. 11. 2003)

> UCTE: After the Italian nation-wide black-out on 28 September 2003 Since Gestore della rete di trasmissione nazionale S.p.A. (GRTN), the Italian Network Operator,
is currently investigating in close co-operation with neighbouring TSOs the event sequence that
led to the black-o...
(6. 11. 2003)

> UCTE: Security of electricity supply needs to be given higher priority UCTE, the Association of European transmission system operators, has welcomed the
new EU guidelines for energy networks in Europe ...
(10. 1. 2003)

> UCTE implements a new forecast tool to prevent major grid disturbances A new tool has been adopted by all 35 UCTE members in 21 European countries to predict and reduce congestions on the electricity transmission system....
(22. 11. 2002)

> Energy Regulatory Forum welcomes the draft for operational standards presented by UCTE UCTE now mandated to further develop the standards and address relevant legal aspects...
(22. 11. 2002)

> Operational standards UCTE The Energy Regulatory Forum welcomes the drafted set of operational standards presented by UCTE...
(22. 11. 2002)

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