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Launch of public consultation on Operation Handbook of ENTSO-E Regional Group Continental Europe

On 21 May ENTSO-E launches a public consultation on the revised policies 4 (Coordinated Operational Planning), 5 (Emergency Operations), 6 (Communication Infrastructure) and 7 (Data Exchanges) of the Operation Handbook of former UCTE, now ENTSO-E’s Regional Group Continental Europe (RGCE). The consultation closes on 2 July.

The Operation Handbook was originally developed and adopted by the Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Electricity (UCTE) and its further development and revision was handed over to ENTSO-E’s RGCE. It is an up-to-date collection of operation principles and standards for transmission system operators in Europe. The main objective of the Operation Handbook is to provide support to the technical operation of the ENTSO-E RGCE interconnected grid, including policies for operational security and special operational measures in emergency conditions and the framework for data exchanges. The overall aim of the Operation Handbook is to ensure the interoperability among all TSOs connected to the synchronous areas. The revised policies 4, 5 ,6 and 7 and the corresponding appendices 4 and 5 are now published for public consultation. The consultation period starts on 21 May and interested parties are asked to provide their comments by email to oh-consultation@entsoe.eu before 2 July.

The purpose of the public consultation according to the ENTSO-E Consultation Process is to increase transparency and to provide ENTSO-E, as drafting entity, with valuable input.

Stakeholders are reminded that following the public consultation period, ENTSO-E will publish all comments received from stakeholders. If a respondent would like ENTSO-E to treat their contribution with confidentiality then this must be explicitly mentioned in their submission. After the end of the consultation period, all policies will be revised and submitted to ENTSO-E RGCE for final approval.

To download the policies and annexes in pdf format, please follow this link.

Any questions on the documents should in first instance be directed to:

Dr Ramunas Bikulcius
Operations Code Advisor
Tel. : +32 (0) 2 741 09 77
Email : ramunas.bikulcius@entsoe.eu
pridané dňa: 25.5.2010
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