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Year 2018

On the SK/CZ profile the long-term transmission capacity rights are not allocated through the explicit yearly and/or monthly auctions. There is possibility to nominate crossborder transmissions freely untill 5:00 p.m. D-2 - see document:

Day-ahead cross-border capacity rights are allocated through implicit allocation within the frame of quadrilateral CZ-SK-HU-RO Market coupling procedure (starting from 19.11.2014). OKTE, a.s., is the Short Term Day-Ahead Market Operator in the Slovak Republic. Organization of Short Term Daily Market is governed by the Operational Order of OKTE, a. s.

In case the procedure of quadrilateral CZ-SK-HU-RO Market Coupling can not be evaluated for any reason, cross-border capacities on the SEPS/ČEPS profile will be allocated by the means of fallback solution, i.e. explicit daily shadow auction provided by ČEPS starting from February 28th, 2014 according to the following rules:

Intraday cross-border capacity rights are allocated using the first comes - first served principle. Transmission capacity allocator function is fulfilled by ČEPS.

For detailed information see  Services/Cross-border profiles/Intraday

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