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Coding of metering points

Coding of Metering Points

After EIC code (X type) allocation for identification of the participant, the transmission system operator in full collaboration with SEPS may commence coding of its metering points. Pursuant to the ENTSO-E proposal for the metering point coding system and methodical procedure adopted in cooperation with OKTE, a.s. as the future operator of the measured data warehouse.

The code for the metering point is being generated by the transmission system operator according to the following rules:

Firmly defined signs:
  • sings 1,2 – a double-figure number for the national issuing authority allocated by ENTSO-E “24”
  • sign 3 – letter „Z“, designating the fact that it is a metering point code,
  • signs 4,5,6 – reserved for unambiguous designation of the transmission system operator. These three signs shall be allocated immediately to every SEPS market participant after receipt of the requirement sent by e-mail (eic@sepsas.sk) from the respective market participant.
Freely defined signs:
  • sings 7,15 - figures, capital letters of an English alphabet or a hyphen, serving for metering point designation which shall be allocated by the respective transmission system operator.
Control sign:
  • sings 16 - a control sign being determined using the EIC calculator or by applying the defined algorithm.
  • Red colour designates firmly defined signs
  • Blue colour designates signs determined by the market participant according to its own need (e.g. ČOM). (Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s. uses three signs to designate the measurement area. In such case “VAR” designates the area of Varín.)
  • Green colour designates a control sign.
  • Vydané označenia prevádzkovateľov sústav (Issued designations for TSO).xls


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