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The Transmission System Code (TS Code) is one of the most important documents that create a transparent, non-discriminatory and objective environment for those participants in the open electricity market who will want to connect to the transmission system.

The TS Code defines conditions, rules, procedures and obligations of the transmission system operator (TSO) at the 400 and 220 kV voltage levels as well as all entities providing or using transmission system services (licensees for electricity generation and distribution, electricity traders, dispatching, telecommunication and information systems, and entitled consumers). The TS Code takes account of the provisions of Directive No. 96/92/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union (Directive) concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity in European Union countries.

The TS Code respects transitional conditions, processes and the organisational structure of the Slovak power industry within the ongoing transformation and liberation environment. This is however an open document whose underlying principles do not change but whose contents may be updated in the future in view of the new knowledge and the expected changed situation following the restructuring and privatisation of existing power companies.

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