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ENTSO-E Launches a Public Consultation on the Load Frequency Control and Reserves Network Code

Brussels, 2013-02-01

On 1 February, ENTSO-E launched a web-based public consultation on the Load Frequency and Reserves Network Code (LFCR) and invites the interested parties to submit comments by 2 April 2013. During this consultation period, ENTSO-E will hold a teleconference workshop with the DSOs Technical Expert Group (TEG) on 13 February 2013 and a public stakeholder workshop on 12 March, in Brussels, to provide information about, and receive feedback on the draft network code..

As part of this web-based public consultation, ENTSO-E has issued a draft of the LFCR network code and a supporting paper providing an outline of the high-level approach in developing this network code and giving a response to feedback received at the workshops with the DSOs TEG and stakeholders on 12 July and 25 September 2012. All the material can be found on the ENTSO-E LFCR webpage.

All comments on the draft LFCR NC must be submitted via the ENTSO-E web consultation interface. Comments not submitted via this channel will not be considered as formal comments in this consultation. Further information on the procedure to submit comments can be found here.

All comments will be published when the web-based consultation has ended. ENTSO-E will review each comment and use them to form decisions about how to, where appropriate, improve and further develop the draft network code.

ENTSO-E will present and discuss the preliminary assessment of comments with the DSOs TEG and stakeholders during workshops scheduled to be held around the end of April 2013. ENTSO-E’s assessment of all comments, as well as the final network code submitted to ACER, will be published by July 2013.

The draft code published as part of this consultation has evolved since ENTSO-E received the EC mandate in February 2012 to draft the code and to submit the final code to ACER.

The Load Frequency and Reserves Network Code is being developed by ENTSO-E in accordance with the processes established in line with Regulation (EC) 714/2009 and follows ACER’s Framework Guidelines on Electricity System Operation.

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