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The magnitude of capacities for the CAO monthly auction on the SEPS – MAVIR profile for the month of October 2011


In connection with the proliferating questions in regard of the capacity of the XB profile with MAVIR published by the CAO for the month of October, Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as SEPS) hereby intends to officially react to the arisen situation.

The primary obligation of TSO´s is to ensure reliable operation of the national power systems as well as of the synchronously interconnected system in Europe. In the annual auction, a capacity is offered which TSO´s guarantee throughout the year while meeting the aforesaid obligation. The fact that a situation may arise where the capacity has not been increased within monthly auctions indicates that all the capacity available has been allocated in accordance with the rules.

The capacity sent by SEPS to the CAO for the month of October 2011 was not at any single hour below 950 MW which, considering the already allocated capacities on an annual basis up to 500 MW, represents a free capacity to the auction for the period concerned in a minimum value of 450 MW. Considering the fact, that there were no extra limiting elements at SEPS network, that was proven by the results of security analysis there was for our company no reason to inform the market participants of any limitations.

We at the same time take the liberty to point out that in case that the maximum transmission capacity of the joint profile determined by particular TSO´s differs, the lower of the values enters the auction so as to provide for safety and reliability of the system operation on both sides of the border.

We strongly deny any speculations over affecting the price level of electricity in Slovakia through non-transparent interventions in the calculations of capacities.

Given the foregoing, we do believe that SEPS as the operator of the Slovak Republic´s transmission system acted in a transparent manner and in accordance with the rules governing the process of allocating capacities on cross-border profiles.

SEPS will continue to send the capacity values to daily auctions in accordance with the rules published on CAO websites.

Igor Gallo
Executive Director of Management Support Section
Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a. s.
Mlynské Nivy 59/A
824 84 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Phone: +421 2 5069 2111
Mobile: +421 908 714 752
e- mail: igor.gallo@sepsas.sk , www.sepsas.sk

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