Impact of current operating regime between transmission systems of Slovakia and Ukraine on transmission capacities offered to the unilateral auctions


Dear business partner, we would like to inform you that the tradable transmission capacity (VOPK) values ​​offered by Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s. (SEPS) for the unilateral monthly auction for April 2022 on the SK-UA profile held 08.03.2022 will be at the level of 0 MW for both directions (ATC = 0 MW).


The ATC values ​​offered by SEPS within the unilateral daily auctions on the SK-UA profile will be at the level of 0 MW for both directions, unless the situation after the emergency synchronisation between the synchronously operated interconnected system of continental Europe and the Ukrainian and Moldovan transmission systems allows commercial exchanges.


The values ​​of transmission capacities allocated within the unilateral monthly auction organized by SEPS for the month of March 2022 on the SK-UA profile will be curtailed, if necessary, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the respective auction rules according to the current situation. Market participants will be duly informed of these circumstances in advance via the SEPS website and the transmission capacity holders directly in accordance with the relevant auction rules.


This situation is due to the current operating regime in which the transmission system of Ukraine, including the Burstyn Island, is not synchronously interconnected with the interconnected system of continental Europe, this results in no possibility to carry out any commercial transactions related to electricity transmission on the SK – UA profile.