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> "OKTE & SEPS Day" at the SPX 2022 Spring Conference
Representatives of the SEPS, a. s. and OKTE, a. s., jointly presented a set of lectures within the "OKTE & SEPS Day", which took place during...
> Launch of Flow-Based Market Coupling in the Core region enhances energy transition
Flow-Based Market Coupling mechanism optimises day-ahead European...
> New go live date for Core Flow-based Market Coupling
During the past two weeks, the Core project parties have intensively worked on solutions to resolve the remaining concerns raised by some parties...
> Acknowledgement for the participation in the satisfaction survey
Dear business partners, Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a. s. (SEPS) has again conducted...
> Harmonised maximum clearing price for SDAC to be set to 4000 EUR/MWh from 10th May
The harmonised maximum clearing price for Single Day-Ahead Coupling (SDAC) will be increased by 1 000 EUR/MWh (from 3 000 EUR/MWh to 4 000 EUR/MWh)....
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Press news

> SEPS Is to Restore Allocation of Cross-Border Capacities Between the Ukraine and Slovakia
The transmission system operators (TSO) from Continental Europe announced fulfilment of the technical preconditions for restoring commercial...
> Energy in the Right Place: Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava Changes Both Logo and Slogan After 20 Years. They Are the Product by the Neopublic Agency
Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as SEPS) celebrates 20th anniversary of its establishment this year....
> Growing cities need smart grids
Západoslovenská distribučná, a. s. (ZSD) and Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a. s. (SEPS) are introducing cutting edge smart technologies...
> ZSD and SEPS are jointly building the cutting-edge electricity systems in Slovakia
Bratislava 7 May 2021 – Deepened cross-border cooperation of distribution and transmission system operators brings modern smart grids into western...
> Successful go-live of Interim Coupling project
Operation of the Interim Coupling was successfully launched on 17 June 2021 (for business day 18 June 2021) by which the implicit...
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