IT platform for scheduling of cross-border transmissions and auctions
Since business day December 1st 2010 SEPS has used the IT platform – Transmission services module of Damas Energy system – for scheduling of cross-border transmissions and auctions of cross-border capacities on SEPS/WPS profile.

In order to be registered to Damas Energy system Transmission services module it is needed to fill in the registration form of subjects and users (Services / Damas Energy) and send the form(s) together with the public part of certificate(s) to the e-mail address

Originals of registration forms shall be sent to:

Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s.
Aukčná kancelária
Mlynské nivy 59/A
824 84 Bratislava 26
Slovak republic

All the subjects and users accounts will be registered in Damas Energy system on this basis only.

Note: Productive operation of Damas system ended with November 30th 2010. The system is available for the users only in reading mode, which means only for access to old data.

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