Notice (1)


Dear Sir or Madam,

Due to technical problems of e-portal Damas Energy today 14.08.2012 between 11:30 – 12:00 AM, which could have cause incorrect evaluation of results from monthly auction WPS / SEPS and SEPS / WPS for September 2012 company SEPS, a.s. has decided to cancel the above mentioned auction.

Consequently the submitted bids for the auction will be deleted and a new auction will be held as follows:

14.08.2012 – 16:00 Gate opens for bidding

16.08.2012 – 12:00 Gate closure for bidding

16.08.2012 – 12:15 Evaluation of results

16.08.2012 – 12:30 Publication of results

We would like to apologize for all inconveniences caused by this.
Best regards,

Auction Office
SEPS, a. s.