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Central East Europe in the focus


After the Baltics in June and before South East Europe in November, ENTSO-E’s tour of regions stops on 23 September in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, for a conference entitled “Completing the Energy Market – A Central East Perspective”.

The aim of ENTSO-E’s regional conferences is to bring European and local actors together to openly discuss hot topics such as the market coupling between the Central West and the Central East regions, grid development but also digitalisation. The regional cooperation among transmission system operators will also be a big theme.

In this regard, the Bratislava conference will be the occasion to celebrate the signing by SEPS, the Slovak TSO, of the multi-lateral agreement on operational security coordination. This voluntary agreement signed now by all members of ENTSO-E will see TSOs team up at regional level to optimise a series of operational and market functions. The new faces of this ‘TSO cooperation 4.0’ are called Regional Security Coordinators. Six of these companies set up by TSOs will cover all of Europe.

ENTSO-E will close its 2016 tour of regions on 3 November in Thessaloniki looking more specifically at South East Europe.

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