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Energy in the Right Place: Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava Changes Both Logo and Slogan After 20 Years. They Are the Product by the Neopublic Agency


Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as SEPS) celebrates 20th anniversary of its establishment this year. At this occasion, they launch a new visual identity reflecting its future direction. The aim is to present SEPS as a modern company that keeps up with the times and is ready for incoming changes related to the new decentralized market design, decarbonization and digitization. Moreover, SEPS has the ambition of being the first choice at searching for a job in the power engineering sector.

The SEPS visual identity has not changed since its establishment in 2002

We have applied a very responsible approach to the tender for selection of a new visual identity,” the Head of CSR and Communication at SEPS, Ms. Zuzana Bednárová utters. “The proper setting of the conditions of the transparent tender was consulted with the Club of Advertising Agencies, the renowned experts were invited to the jury, Mr. Pavol Minár, an advertising strategist and Mr. Martin “Žltý” Jenčo, a renowned designer. Proposals by agencies were subject to anonymous assessment.” According to the jury, the best proposal was submitted by the Neopublic agency.

Green colour in a new logo refers to the original company logo. It symbolizes nature, ecology, development, moving forward and progress. Blue colour was added to the green one in a new concept. Blue colour represents reliability, responsibility and stability. It is a cold colour referring to metal – a material used for production of transmission towers and lines in total length of 2,356 kilometres.

The new identity was inspired by connection of green and blue colour, similarly as in cases of green areas with sky in the horizon behind which the transmission system that transmits electricity to the distance disappears,” Mr. Roman Záhorec, the Managing Partner from the winning agency, Neopublic, says. “Visual processing of the logo stems from the view of the electric towers themselves or from their basic construction element – crossing of the metal structure.”

The new visual identity includes a new slogan “Energy in the Right Place”. Energy is deemed to be a driver of SEPS in various forms:

  • energy in the electricity system due to which households can have light, enterprises can operate, hospitals can treat,
  • energy provided for innovative projects and modern infrastructure,
  • energy necessary for efficient and transparent economy,
  • energy directed towards quality international cooperation,
  • energy and incentives for our teams, our female and male colleagues.

“The original slogan ´Our Way Leads To You´ referred to electricity transmission from the producer to the consumer. At present we shift to the decentralized market where it is important the energy – whether it is electricity, human energy or another one is always in the right place. This is the only way we will succeed in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions within this decade by 55 %, what we committed ourselves to within the European Green Deal,“ Mr. Peter Dovhun, Board Chairman and CEO of SEPS states.

Most applications of a new design manual, i.e. replacement of essential commodities and replacement of the logo and the related visuals will be carried out in the coming months progressively so as to respect the principles of economy as much as possible.

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