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Opening of Public consultation on ENTSO-E Work Program 2010-2011


On 1 July, ENTSO-E launches a public consultation on its Work Program 2010-2011. The consultation closes on 2 September and the final approval of the document is foreseen for 28 September. Stakeholders are asked to comment.

The preparation of an annual Work Program is one of the key deliverables required from ENTSOE under the EU’s Third Energy Package (Article 6, Regulation (EC) 714/2009). As the Third Package has begun its implementation phase in 2009 (which will be largely complete in March 2011), ENTSO-E is now publishing its second annual Work Program such that it can make best use of the implementation period to make progress on those issues of most interest to stakeholders, regulators and the European Commission. One goal is that formal work on network code developments can progress rapidly after March 2011.

The formal process can only begin after the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators ACER can execute its tasks, i.e. from 3 March 2011, as the code process includes major ACER tasks such as framework guidelines. This Work Program shows how the shared preparatory work involving besides ENTSO-E primarily the European Commission and ERGEG but also stakeholders is to lead to fast progress on network codes later in 2011.

ENTSO-E’s Work Program 2010-2011 primarily accounts for:

  • Network code preparatory work
  • Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP)
  • Further key areas of TSO cooperation
  • Indicative calendar
  • All comments should be submitted before Tuesday 2 September 2010 and should be sent by email to: consultation.workprogram@entsoe.eu

    Following the public consultation period, ENTSO-E will publish all comments received from stakeholders. If a respondent would like ENTSO-E to treat their contribution with confidentiality then this must be explicitly mentioned in their submission.

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