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Operational standards UCTE


The Energy Regulatory Forum welcomes the drafted set of operational standards presented by UCTE and invites the association to further develop and extend it to legal aspects and constructive consultation processes
In its 8th meeting in Florence on 22 February 2002, the Energy Regulatory Forum, where EC, Regulators, TSOs and Consumer Organisations are discussing development issues of the European Electricity Market, entrusted UCTE with the task of drafting a common set of reliability and security standards. Last week, on 18 October 2002, according to this mandate, UCTE re-examined all currently existing rules, which have proven efficient for the last decades, and delivered a first draft of common standards. The Forum confirmed that a comprehensive set of common security and reliability standards, to be observed by TSOs and network users, is necessary in order to ensure the efficient and secure functioning of the interconnected systém and appropriate quality of energy supply. UCTE presented proposals on how further develop common security and reliability standards, which were welcomed by the Forum.
UCTE was invited to continue its work and to develop progressively more binding rules. UCTE will steer this process through regular meetings to be held at technical level with CEER, NORDEL and the Commission. Where appropriate, all relevant parties, including system users, will be invited to participate in these meetings. UCTE will present the further progress achieved during the next meeting of the Forum.

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