Intraday Auctions (IDAs) are intended to complement the intraday continuous trading that is carried out under XBID on cross-border profiles across Europe to enable intraday pricing of cross-border capacity using a uniform methodology.

The principle of IDA is based on the use of all available technical and information resources used for the calculation of results and the distribution of these results to the relevant parties.

During a trading day, continuous trading within XBID will be interrupted 3 times.

The IDA solution includes 3 separate implicit auctions:

  • IDA1: Closing date for market participants in D-1 15h. Allocated period D [0h-24h]
  • IDA2: Closing date for market participants in D-1 22h. Allocated period D [0h-24h]
  • IDA3: Closing for market participants in D 10h. Allocated period D [12h-24h]

The methodology for the Price Linkage Algorithm, the Continuous Trading Algorithm and the Intraday Auction Algorithm (the “Algorithm Methodology”) sets out the relevant processes in accordance with Article 37(5) and Article 55 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 of 24 July 2015 laying down guidelines on capacity allocation and congestion management (the “CACM Regulation”) and in accordance with ACER Decision 01/2019 of 24 January 2019 establishing a uniform methodology for the pricing of intraday capacity between bidding areas.

We will inform you about further developments.



On November 29, 2022, the SIDC project brought about a change in the intraday allocation of cross-border transmission capacities, and ČEPS as the entity operating the regional allocation platform was replaced by the pan-European centralized XBID solution. The platform for submission of offers by market participants registered in Slovakia is the ISOT system (IDM module) OKTE. The implementation of the XBID project also brought the possibility of trading 60- and 15-minute products through a solution based on implicit continuous matching.