Agreement of transmission system operators on new go-live date of Core Flow-Based Intraday Capacity Calculation (b)


The Core Flow-Based Intraday Capacity Calculation (Core FB IDCC) project promotes the development and implementation of a flow-based intraday capacity calculation across the whole Core Capacity Calculation Region (Core CCR) in the framework of the SIDC. The Core CCR consists of the bidding zone borders between the following EU Member States’ bidding zones: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Core project parties are pleased to confirm 28 May 2024 as the go-live date of IDCC(b) for trades on business day 29 May 2024. Final operational communication on the go-live of IDCC(b) can be expected on the morning of 28 May 2024.

Market participants who would like to follow closer the project development are invited to join the Core Consultative Group (CCG) by sending an email to

Next to the Core CG, a Question & Answer Forum for the Core FB capacity calculation project is currently in use. The Forum can be accessed via

More information for the go-live of the project are available HERE.