Announcement regarding capacity allocation on SEPS-MAVIR interconnection in 2008


On November 19, 2007 in the afternoon, SEPS, a.s. reached an agreement with MAVIR regarding the amount of capacity, offered in annual allocation of ATC and practice in capacity allocation.

SEPS, a.s. and MAVIR have not reached the agreement regarding conduct of joint annual auction of ATC for 2008. Consequently, SEPS, a.s. will conduct unilateral annual auction of ATC, the results of which will be accepted by MAVIR.

Monthly auctions of ATC will be conducted jointly – auction office shall be MAVIR, daily auction will be conducted similarly as in 2007 – auction office shall be SEPS, a.s.

Rules and terms of annual auction of ATC for 2008 are published in Services/cross-border profiles and are effective from November 20, 2007.