Information on the new SK-HU lines commissioning


Due to a Force Majeure event the long-awaited commissioning of a new Slovak – Hungarian interconnectors between substations Veľký Ďur (SK) – Gönyű (HU) – Gabčíkovo (SK) and between substations Rimavská Sobota (SK) – Sajóivánka (HU) has been postponed.

The new expected date of putting the 400 kV lines into a commercial operation is set for 5 April 2021. Depending on the actual progress in the construction the offered capacity on the Slovak – Hungarian profile will be adequately adjusted by MAVIR and SEPS by the relevant dates.

The above stated deadline is established based on experts´ best estimate respecting the current situation, knowledge and usual proceeding of the authorities concerned on both Slovak and Hungarian sides. Due to the unpredictability of the development of the situation, especially with regard to COVID – 19 pandemic, it is not possible to definitely exclude the risk of further delay in putting the concerned lines into the commercial operation.

In case of any changes of this deadline, MAVIR and SEPS will immediately inform electricity market participants and the public via a notice on their websites and update data on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform.