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ENTSO-E Regional Workshop with Stakeholders
on “European Ten Year Network Development Plan
and Regional Investment Plans 2014”

Bratislava, 26th March 2014

10:00 – 16:00

Sheraton Bratislava Hotel, Pribinova 12, Bratislava 811 09, Slovakia

reservation: +421 2 3535 0300 or

reservation link:

Deadline for reservation: 14th March 2014


In preparation for the next release of the Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) and the Regional Investment Plans in 2014, ENTSO-E is holding in the Continental Central East Region an open Workshop with Stakeholders on the 26th March 2014 in Bratislava.

The objective of this Stakeholders Workshop is to introduce and discuss with the participants next TYNDP 2014 and Regional Investment Plans 2014 processes and the assessment of regional projects of pan-European relevance.

Content: The event will focus on the 2030 visions “slow progress” and “green revolution”, the outcomes of the market & network studies and TYNDP 2014 projects assessment based on the ENTSO-E Cost-Benefit Analysis Methodology. The key topics to be addressed include:

  • ENTSO-E TYNDP- new role under the Regulation (EU) 347/2013 and the assessment of candidate PCIs
  • TYNDP projects assessment with the ENTSO-E Cost-Benefit Analysis Methodology
  • 3rd party transmission and storage projects in the TYNDP 2014
  • TYNDP 2014 process & scenarios (2030 Visions Approach)
  • Regional Market and Network Studies outcomes
  • Regional Projects assessment outcomes

Expected participants include high level representatives of National ministries in charge of the energy sector, National Regulators, 3rd party projects promoters, energy utilities, energy associations, NGOs and all experts interested to know the latest developments in the Continental Central East Region towards the ENTSO-E TYNDP and Regional Investment Plan 2014.

All Stakeholders are kindly invited to register for the workshop via email, by indicating their full names, contact details and organization to Mrs. Thanh-Thanh Le Thi ( and Mrs. Maria Dornerova (, before 12th March 2014.

AGENDA (may be changed in due course)

No. Subject Time Lead
1. Welcome 10:00 Andrew Kasembe (RG CCE convenor)
and Organizer representative
2. ENTSO-E TYNDP process

  • Improvements and forward steps
  • New role of TYNDP under the Reg. (EU) 347/2013 and PCIs process
  • 10:30 ENTSO-E Secretariat representative
    3. Third party projects in the TYNDP 2014 11:00 ENTSO-E Secretariat representative
    4. TYNDP assessment: focus on CBA Methodology 11:15 ENTSO-E representative
    5. Challenges in grid development in CCE region 11:40 Roland Bauer (RG CCE member)
    6. Lunch 12:00  
    7. TYNDP 2014 process:

  • regional focus & scenarios (2030 Visions Approach) – Scenario development status
  • 13:00 Filip Zeman (RG CCE member)
    8. Market and Network Studies:

  • regional focus
  • Improvements and forward steps
  • 13:40 Zdeněk Hruška (Regional SG Network studies leader)
    9. Regional assessment of projects status V1 and V4 scenarios and provisional results 14:00 Norbert Lechner (Regional SG Market studies leader)
    Zdeněk Hruška (Regional SG Network studies leader)
    10. Discussion 15:00 ALL
    11. Conclusions 15:50 Andrew Kasembe (RG CCE Convener)