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ENTSO-E announcement of a public consultation and
stakeholder workshop on its first Ten-Year Network Development Plan.


In  the  course  of a public  consultation on  its  first Ten-Year  Network Development Plan,
starting 1 March for a period of six weeks,
ENTSO-E will hold a stakeholder workshop on

19 March 2010, 10h00 to 17h00
Avenue de la Toison d’Or, 40
1050 Brussels


The Ten-Year Network Development Plan will become available on the ENTSO-E website
with the start of the public consultation on 1 March. The document is a forward looking pan-European plan for electricity transmission infrastructure investments across 32 European countries.
It suggests over 400 investment projects, worth 18-25€ billion over the next five years.
Investments in electricity infrastructure are indispensable in order to achieve the EU goal
of increasing the use of renewable energy
to 20% of total energy consumption; to further enable free trade and thus help develop the internal market for electricity; and to ensure
security of supply and system reliability in an increasingly complex grid, connecting more than 525 million European citizens.

This workshop constitutes an important element of the public consultation process to which interested parties are invited to participate.
The practical purpose of the workshop is – besides presenting the specificities of the Ten-Year Network
Plan – to collect stakeholders’ comments in view of enriching the document with their input.

Stakeholders are asked to register for the workshop via email, by indicating their full names, contact details and organization to
Thanh-Thanh Le Thi, no later than 8 March.

ENTSO-E will announce the launch of the public consultation on the TYNDP separately, closer to the date. Stakeholders are asked to register for ENTSO-E’s
external newsletter to ensure they are notified.

Media representatives are asked to contact, Michael Mieszczanski by email or by phone
(+32 741 09 57), for further information or to arrange interviews.

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