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Press release

Bratislava, Praha 31.8.2009


On 31 August 2009 the day-ahead market bids for purchase and/or sale of electricity from all participants were accepted for auction and traded successfully – without any regard whether they were market participants from the Czech or from the Slovak Republic.

Short-term electricity market organizers, the Operátor trhu s elektřinou, a.s. (OTE) in the Czech Republic and Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s., (SEPS, a.s.), the transmission system operator and organizer of day-ahead electricity market in the Slovak Republic, in co-operation with ČEPS, a. s., the Czech transmission system operator, have integrated with success the two national day-ahead electricity markets. With the launch of the coupled day-ahead electricity market the former explicit transmission capacity auctions on the Czech – Slovak cross-border section were terminated.

50 registered traders, who submitted a total of 77 valid bids for purchase or sale on the day-ahead electricity market organized by OTE and SEPS, a.s. participated in the coupled market the first day of this type of auctioning.
14 927,9 MWh of electricity were traded in total. An average system price of the two coupled markets amounted to 44, 51 EUR/MWh, with predominant daily cross-border flows from ČEPS to SEPS in total amount of 1 608 MWh. Daily cross-border flows from SEPS to ČEPS were in total amount of 1 367 MWh. More information about the integration of day-ahead markets can be taken from the web sites at http://www.ote-cr.cz and http://www.isot.sk.

Operátor trhu s elektřinou, a.s.
The Czech Electricity Market Operator (OTE), a joint stock company established in 2001, provides comprehensive services to individual electricity market players. OTE commenced organizing electricity trading in the day-ahead market in 2002 and the intra-day and block markets in later years. Continuous data processing and exchange required for the accounting and settlement of imbalance between the contractual and actual volumes of electricity supplied and received are among services offered by the OTE to players in the Czech electricity market, as well as administrative procedures associated with a switch of supplier. The OTE also administers the National Register of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. OTE is the holder of the license for market operator´s activities, which includes activities in the Gas market as well. Additional information is available on http://www.ote-cr.cz.
Pavel Rodryč (prodryc@ote-cr.cz, +420 603 581 436)

ČEPS, a. s.
ČEPS, a. s. a holder of an electricity transmission license issued by the Energy Regulatory Office in accordance with the Atomic Act, is the sole Czech Transmission System Operator. The Company is responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of 39 substations comprising 67 transformers allowing electricity to be supplied from the transmission system to the distribution grid, as well as of 400kV lines with a total length of 2968km and 220kV lines with a total length of 1371km. ČEPS is a member of relevant European international organizations. The Company is responsible for maintaining the national balance of electricity supply and demand in real time (system services) and for organizing cross-border power exchanges including transits. ČEPS has traditionally been involved in the creation of liberalized electricity markets both within the Czech Republic and Europe. Additional information is available on http://www.ceps.cz.
Pavla Mandátová (mandatova@ceps.cz, + 420 725 805 690)

Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s. (SEPS, a. s.)
The Slovak Electricity Transmission System joint stock company was established on 21 January 2002 as the Slovak Transmission System Operator. The Company’s mission is to ensure Slovak transmission system’s reliable operation, maintenance, upgrade and development so as to provide high-quality electricity supply for its customers at any time. SEPS is responsible for reliable parallel operation with the neighbouring transmission systems in compliance with UCTE rules while respecting non-discriminatory and transparent principles for access to the network with minimum impact on the environment. SEPS, a. s. has been in charge of day-ahead market organizer based on the decree of the Ministry of Economy in the Slovak Republic from 5th November. Additional information is available on http://www.sepsas.sk and http://www.isot.sk.
Igor Gallo (gallo_igor@sepsas.sk, +421 908 714 752)

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