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The Slovak and Hungarian Transmission System Operators have put significant interconnection of their electricity systems in commercial operation


The Slovak Republic and Hungary have been linked by new significant cross-border 400 kV electricity lines. The transmission system operators of both countries – Slovak SEPS and Hungarian MAVIR – have launched commercial operation of new cross-border Slovak-Hungarian 400 kV lines in the locations of Gabčíkovo (SR) – Gönyű (HUN) – Veľký Ďur (SR) and Rimavská Sobota (SR) – Sajóivánka (HUN). The projects will increase energy security in Central Europe, transmission system stability and will improve the conditions for electricity exchange on the international market in electricity.

New cross-border interconnections of the Slovak-Hungarian transmission profile which were put into commercial operation yesterday, on 5 April 2021, contribute to fulfilment of the European Union objectives in the field of power engineering and climate and the Energy Union priorities. Both bilateral projects of cross-border interconnections were included in the list of Projects of Common Interest/PCI by the European Commission and they were co-financed from the “Connecting Europe Facility” European instrument. The significance of projects is strengthened by the fact that the European Commission has performed interim monitoring of preparation for their implementation.

In the interconnected European electricity system due to market coupling as well as due to connection of new renewable energy sources or decentralized electricity production the exchanges in electricity between mutually coupled European transmission systems grow and new cross-border lines shall substantially reduce current risk of occurrence of critical load conditions on the joint transmission profile of Slovakia and Hungary. Their commissioning was successful after more than twenty years of searching and planning of solutions to eliminate this bottleneck within the interconnected European transmission systems in the Central European region. Therefore, it is a significant milestone not only for Slovakia and Hungary but for whole Europe.

“Our new Slovak-Hungarian interconnectors – starting from Gönyű in western Hungary and from Sajóivánka on the Eastern border – are important not only for the balance of the Hungarian electricity system. Expanding international connections ensure the balance of the single European electricity system in the busiest North to South route of electricity flows, while, on the other hand, provide our long-term security of supply in the North-Eastern region of Hungary. Cooperation will gain an even larger role in the coming decades, not only within national borders, but between national transmission system operators and national systems as well. The successful project closure after 20 years of planning aims at a more livable (environmentally, economically and socially sustainable) future” – stressed András Biczók, MAVIR Ltd’s CEO and Chairman of the Board.

“The transmission capacity of new 400 kV lines will significantly help to relieve the overloaded cross-border profile of transmission systems of Slovakia and Hungary. Moreover, due to these recently commissioned transmission systems, it will be possible to connect new renewable energy sources to the electricity system and to increase safety of the output export from the Mochovce nuclear power plant “ – Peter Dovhun, the SEPS Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer clarified the importance of the investment.

About MAVIR Ltd.:

MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd. is the owner and operator of the transmission network. Our company provides for the reliable, efficient and secure operation of the Hungarian electricity system including required reserve capacities of generation and transmission. In addition, the company controls and augments the assets of the transmission system, performs all renewal, maintenance and development activities required for the proper and secure supply. MAVIR ensures the undisturbed operation and further extension of the electricity market and of the balancing group system supporting the market, and ensures access for system users on equal terms. Furthermore, MAVIR synchronizes the operation of the Hungarian electricity system with the neighbouring systems, coordinates professional international cooperation activities and prepares the network development strategy as well as puts forward proposals for the development of the generation pool.

About Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a. s.:

Joint Stock Company Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a. s., performs the activities of the transmission system operator and provides for electricity transmission through its 400 kV and 220 kV lines on the territory of Slovakia. SEPS guarantees safe and reliable operation of the transmission system, even power balance between production and consumption in real time, it provides for cross-border electricity transmission, and it is responsible for precise measurement of the transmitted electricity. SEPS operates total of 2,138 km of 400 kV voltage level lines, 769 km of 220 kV lines and 22 substations. The Slovak Republic represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic is the sole shareholder of SEPS. SEPS is a member of the international group of the European Network of the Transmission System Operators for Electricity ENTSO-E, it actively supports market integration and cross-border cooperation with the neighbouring transmission systems. From 16 February 2021, the company Chief Executive Officer is Ing. Peter Dovhun.

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