“OKTE & SEPS Day” at the SPX 2022 Spring Conference


Representatives of the SEPS, a. s. and OKTE, a. s., jointly presented a set of lectures within the “OKTE & SEPS Day”, which took place during the Spring Conference SPX 2022 on 23-24 June 2022 in Demänovská dolina.

We would like to thank the organizers of the conference for providing a space for the presentation of important information related to the implementation of new activities of OKTE, a.s. associated with the integration of the intra-day electricity market at the European level. Furthermore, another session was dedicated to RES settlement activities, presenting the experience to date in the market for guarantees of origin as well as their expected development. Also, attention was paid to changes in the TPS, clearing of deviations and the preparation of the Energy Data Centre. Representatives of SEPS, a.s. presented the strategy of SEPS in the provision of support services for 2023-2024, the perspective of TSOs in the field of security synchronisation in the region of Central Europe, Ukraine and Moldova and the commercial use of cross-border interconnection and explained in more detail what changes SEPS will undergo to connect the supply area of the Slovak Republic to the pan-European solution for the intra-day cross-border electricity market.

The presentations are available for download (in Slovak language) here.